Are You Distressed, Depressed or Feeling Suicidal.. WE ARE JUST A PHONE CALL AWAY: +91 80 23655557, +91 80 23656667, (7am – 9pm) (Mon - Sun),


Our team comprises of dedicated, trained and experienced volunteers. Our volunteers are monitored by senior mentors/counsellors while they reach out to the distress callers.

We organise periodic refresher programmes to update their knowledge and to improve their counselling skills. We have been attending to calls for various reasons right from failed relationships, academic stress, job stress, addiction, clinical depression and people who have history of suicides in the family. There is a slow but gradual increase in the number of calls. Our volunteers are able to speak in the following languages : English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Konkani, Assamese, Gujarati, Bengali and Urdu.


Rukmini Counsellor: Is a patient listener and a learner with MA in Psychology (Clinical Psychology). Is a CBT, DBT, Art therapist and counsellor pfor drug and alcohol de addiction. Is a NLP practitioner and a certified Life skills coach from NIMHANS. Has conducted workshops for children, teachers and parents in various habits of mind and life skills.

Jayalakshmi Counsellor: A certified counselor with 10 years of experience in counseling. Through years of learning, she understands that by using the skill of empathy coupled with theories of psychology, listening to people and understanding their emotions can become an unburdening and desirable task.

Wani Rajendra Counsellor: A warm, caring and cheerful person, trained counsellor and educator for 12 years. She heeds about well-being and simplifying oneself to live a fulfilling life. Studying psychology is her passion, and has completed BA in psychology, Diploma in counselling, participated in workshops on NLP, Integrated therapies, Happiness life coach, Career counselling and coach program. Also holds a masters degree in counselling. Has volunteered her time for tele-counselling.

Dr. Sushma Gopalan Clinical Psychologistr: An enthusiastic and optimistic individual who has experience in working with issues related to academics, students and family relationships. Holds degrees in MSc (BT), MA (Psy), Post Graduation Diploma in Mental Health. She is certified in Guidance and Soft skills training. She is a certified gatekeeper in suicide prevention. She is a Clinical Psychologist and a coordinator for internship programme at Arpita Foundation

Deepa Counsellor: Basically a MBA graduate and Diploma in Counselling Skills holder. After working in MNC, took to the calling of helping people in need through counselling. Warm and empathetic person with all ears to listen to the distressed people and promote mental health. Also counselled cancer patients and caregivers for a reputed hospital. Mentored children with Learning disability.

Sharda Counsellor: B.Sc. in Home science and a happy Home Maker, holds Diploma in Counseling skills. Has over 15 years experience serving in Schools, Pvt Medical Clinics. For the past 10 years associated with Ramaiah Teaching Hospital, as Banjara Helping Hand Volunteer.
Love Traveling, Adventure, any kind of experience oriented activities.

Panchakshari Counsellor: Secured BE., MS., MBA., MA(Psychology) degree holder and certified mind kinetics professional coach from CLI(Coaching and Leadership International). Trained Reiki and Yoga practitioner. Extensive experience in counseling and coaching skills in different areas across all aged persons including children, adolescents, adults, and senior citizens. Has acquired a unique skill set, including effective communication, empathy, and boundless patience. Eager to support people in need to overcome their problems and enable them to lead a life in their desired way.

Megha Counsellor: Diploma in fine arts, have been working as a volunteer with well-known Helpline. Completed Diploma in counselling skills, first level in NLP and has attended a lot of workshops organised by NIMHANS and is a certified Gate Keeper for Suicide Prevention.

Nazneen Counsellor: With Diplomas in Counselling Skills and in Students Counselling and Certifications in Art Therapy, Grief and Palliative counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, she has been associated with various counselling centres as a volunteer and mentor.

Radha Counsellor: Secured BA. MBA. Michigan University Masters in Professional Taxation Univ. of Texas, Austin Texas. Further was employed as Investment, tax expert with legal firm in USA. Was an active volunteer work with Sisters of Mercy , caring for elderly Meals on Wheels program. USA. Taught middle school children for a Blind School and she volunteered her time at a suicide prevention helpline

Paru Counsellor: Bsc in computer science , Diploma in nutrition and dietitian. Trained rekhi practioner, trained to teach kids with autism, slow learners & down syndrome. Diploma in counselling Skills and Gate Keepers Course for suicide prevention. l am a compassionate animal lover and I believe that optimism and hard work is key to success.

Shilpa Counsellor: An enthusiastic and a proactive person.A person who finds happiness in providing a helping hand to people in distress. A software tester who has a keen interest to understand People, different personalities and their behaviour. A Counselor currently working with Specially abled children and parents from past 2 years.A certified Gatekeeper in Suicide Prevention. Also associated with an NGO providing emotional support to the Cancer Patients and their Caregivers in the hospitals. Certified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Wellness.

Meera Counsellor: My basic degree was in Computer Engineering and held senior positions in IT companies for 25+ years. My passion is to enable adolescent to perform their best, carve one’s goals with focus, and accept challenges with healthy mind. Coach and mentor employees in their career, face career challenges with ease with emphasis on positive thinking. I have an MA degree in Counselling Psychology, Volunteering at different counselling centers for the past 6 years. I am a certified Life Skill trainer and mentor (NIMHANS). I have 20+ years of experience in Organizational Counselling, coaching and mentoring employees, 1st line and 2nd line managers, as a role in my senior management position in IT MNC companies.

Natasha Counsellor: A BSc., BLibSc., BEd. degree holder and an educator with over 35 years of school-teaching experience. Has acquired a unique skillset, including effective communication and boundless patience. With a Diploma in Counselling and Life Skills.